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Exploration of a Psycho-Therapeutic Approach: Cognitive Therapy - Thesis Example

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The objectives of this study are to study the history, theories, and clinical application of cognitive therapy through review of the literature. The author chose to study cognitive therapy because this therapy marks the transition from traditional psychiatric treatments to modern ones…
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Exploration of a Psycho-Therapeutic Approach: Cognitive Therapy
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Extract of sample "Exploration of a Psycho-Therapeutic Approach: Cognitive Therapy"

Download file to see previous pages Cognitive therapy is a form of psychotherapeutic intervention that involves identification and change of dysfunctional thinking, emotional responses and behavior. It is known to be effective in many psychological conditions like mood disorders, anxiety-related disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders and also various psychotic disorders. However, it is commonly used as the first line of treatment in depression. Cognitive therapists help the individual to point out alternative ways of looking at a situation or event or view of life. The change in thoughts improves the mood of the individual.
The cognitive revolution occurred in the 1970s during the time when the cognitive model was described. Cognitive therapy was developed by Aaron. T. Beck, a famous psychiatrist in 1960s. The theory of cognitive therapy came after Beck noticed that his patients in analytical sessions had an internal dialogue in their minds and they were almost talking to themselves. Beck called these thoughts automatic thoughts. Beck realized that most people who suffered from anxiety or depression did not know about these thoughts. Hence Beck taught his patients to identify these thoughts and report them. Beck considered identification of these thoughts as the key to overcoming of difficulties of the patient (Herkov, 2006).
Cognitive therapy is scientifically tested in over four hundred clinical trials which have proved its efficacy (Beck, 2008). The therapy is time-limited and problem-solving in nature. It is primarily focused on the present and hence, the solution to current problems is aimed at (Beck, 2008). Patients acquire certain skills which they are able to use throughout their lives.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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