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The concept and effects of personality disorders seem to be misrepresented at large by the Personality Disorder Foundation at the University of Connecticut. The website introduces the subject of effects of personality anomalies by affirming that most individuals know about someone with a personality disorder. …
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Personality Disorders
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Personality Disorders al Affiliation The concept and effects of personality disorders seem to be misrepresented at large by the Personality Disorder Foundation at the University of Connecticut. The website introduces the subject of effects of personality anomalies by affirming that most individuals know about someone with a personality disorder. This is fallacious generalization which is not backed up with facts about research done to arrive at such a conclusion. In addition, the website further affirms that “individuals with personality disorders have distorted perceptions of themselves and others”. According to, (2015), individuals with personality abnormalities or aberrations have challenges in coping in relationships and suicidal thoughts, this however does not imply that they have distorted perceptions of themselves and others around them. The impact linked to suicidal thoughts is elevated depression but not distorted perception as noted in this website.
In addition, it is further noted that individuals with personality disorders may “suffer enormous pain and have significant difficulty functioning at home, work, and in relationships” ( - Your Mental Health Reference, 2014). Again, the author of this compiled report does not provide concrete evidence which links personality disorders with the aspect of pain. According to, (2015), it is noted that personality disorder may lead to decreased vitality due to shortage or complete lack of care. However, lack of care does not link to pain either. The author of this script could have given tangibly proven data to affirm the sentiments afore mentioned that personality disorders lead to pain, which is not the case.
It is further noted that “individuals with personality disorder complexities rarely gets out of bed and may often indulge in lethal self-inflicted burns and cuts”. According to, (2015), it is affirmed that individuals with personality disorders are often suicidal oriented. The author of this script does not connect personality aberrations with refusal to get out of bed or to indulge in self-mutilation acts. The author simply quotes a case study of a 37-year-old lady named Cynthia, who often feels stressed, depressed and lonely. The case study quoted affirms that Cynthia often embraces loneliness and boredom to a larger part. The case study further affirms that Cynthia abuses drugs and alcohol. To a larger part, her reactions to her self-image and to attempt self-mutilation could possibly have roots on her drug abuse (depending on the type of drugs that she overdosed) and not on her personality disorder.
Furthermore, the website affirms that persons with personality disorders especially those inflicted by Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder have a higher probability of abusing drugs and alcohol. However, according to, (2015), antisocial individuals and those with borderline traits are highlighted as having complete and distinct differences and which do connect with drug or alcohol abuse. For instance, antisocial individuals are noted to characterize of having an absence of intimacy to other people around them, lack of control to their emotions, making and breaking of relationships coupled with delusions when stressed. On the other hand, Borderline or emotionally unstable individuals are noted to indulge in activities without a second thought or planning. They also often feel paranoid or depressed. According to the sentiments highlighted, borderline unstable individuals are more likely to indulge in alcohol due to the close relationship which links depression and alcohol and substance abuse. This affirms that according to the aspects generalized in, (2015), the author should have been specific to point out which of the two groups of antisocial personality behaviors (antisocial versus borderline) does alcohol and substance abuse more likely to occur.
REFERENCES - Your Mental Health Reference,. (2014). The Impact of Personality Disorders. Retrieved 2 November 2015, from,. (2015). Signs and Symptoms of Personality Disorder – Causes and Effects. Retrieved 2 November 2015, from,. (2015). Personality Disorders: key facts. Retrieved 2 November 2015, from Read More
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