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America loves a vigilante. Until we meet one. By:Ann Hornaday - Personal Statement Example

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Ann Hornaday in his article: America loves a vigilante tries to critically examine films that have political themes in relation to the modern American politics. His emphasis is mainly on vigilantes, who always see themselves in the right side when it comes to fighting…
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America loves a vigilante. Until we meet one. By:Ann Hornaday
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Extract of sample "America loves a vigilante. Until we meet one. By:Ann Hornaday"

Affiliation America loves a vigilante… Until we meet one. By: Ann Hornaday. Ann Hornaday in his article: America loves a vigilante tries to critically examine films that have political themes in relation to the modern American politics. His emphasis is mainly on vigilantes, who always see themselves in the right side when it comes to fighting societies’ criminal acts, decay and disorder (Hornaday par. 2). Over the subsequent century, the vigilante has focused much attention on violence, lawlessness and retributive justice. He goes further to scrutinize the motivation behind their actions. In order to go about this task, we need to examine the different interests of political actors that actually affect the kind of policies they prefer.
Americans have the psyche that makes them view political systems with suspicion especially when it comes to law enforcement and justice. Its founders are rebels whose drives stem from individualism and unyielding self-reliance. Political players will tend to come up with policies that favor their interests, as opposed to the common good.’ Unlicensed gun was in use by Goetz in 1984, to shoot four black teen-agers, claiming that they were trying to mug him in a New York City subway train.’ (Hornaday par. 12). This case of vigilantism stirred the nation about thirty years back when the nation viewed matters of race, government legislations and crime with anxiety. One could attest that racial animus motivates such actions like the fateful incident by Goetz as the youths were all black. The case to take a shift when the association of national rifles intervenes on behalf of Goetz, they also take this opportunity to advocate for additional liberal hidden carry laws. The reason why the rifles association advocate for more liberation when it comes to carrying arms is not necessarily for protection but for people to equip themselves with the firearms without fearing jail terms. Afterwards, Mr. Goetz only gets a conviction for of illegal firearm and not of murder.
Another case where a Mr. Zimmerman shot dead an African-American youth, the youth donned in line with his pop culture was unarmed. Such dressings are promoting violence and menace in the streets of America. Mr. Zimmerman had a licensed rifle and was not to face a serious case thanks to Mr. Goetz initial conviction that alert of rifle association on the need to licence rifles (Hornaday par. 12). These cases are few examples of what goes on in the streets of America, is it a case of political injustice or racism? After electing a black president, Americans want to believe that they are no longer driven by racism that in most cases are base on hatred and fear and are only vigilante due to the corrupt structures.
This is the main cause of daily killings occurring on the streets of America by the self proclaimed vigilantes who come with myths on vigilantism and how justice should be performed. The author further leaves us with a question of when will true vigilantes who are willing to criticise the political systems come up. We need a large number of such people in the nation so that all political systems serve the nation with truth and justice. Such political watch dogs will serve to put political players in check.
In conclusion, politics is a subject to be approached keenly from all perspectives instead of applying assumptions. Politics should be studied within the context and time Hornaday reminds us to examine the motivation of political actors and how their behaviors affect themselves and other players. We understand why political coalitions form and what maintains them and the nature of the work of political systems.
Work Cited
Hornaday, Ann . "America loves vigilantes ... that is, until we meet one." post- gaz that-is-until-we-meet-one-631464/>. ette,15 Apr. 2012. Web. 17 Apr. 2012.
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