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This essay describes that social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Video games, Instagram among others distracts people as much as they provide the platform for sharing. The author of the article asserts that the mind of the 21st century population is infantilized because of the short attention span…
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Media and Brain
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Media and Brain On November 17, 2017, The News, which is a media house in Australia, reported that social media is shrinking our brain. The news feature noted that social media and other electronic gadgets are rewiring our brains (Law, 2014). The article notes that social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Video games, Instagram among others distracts people as much as they provide the platform for sharing. The author of the article asserts that the mind of the 21st century population is infantilized because of the short attention span, shaky sense of identity and inability to empathize as well as low sensationalism (Law, 2014). Because of this, it is evident that social media affects one’s sense of identity and ability to empathize. The addiction to video games shortens attention spans as it also increases chances of aggression (Law, 2014).
The above assertions are true because the today’s youths socialize through online platforms. People use social media and other sites to interact with others in other parts of the world far away from them. This has a negative effect on such people because they are unable to exercise their social skills and make use of them. In everyday life, people like talking about themselves and use the body language that nature developed to bring security in their communication and interaction (Law, 2014). Hence, one feels that he or she is not vulnerable through gestures or eye contacts. On the other hand, people have become vulnerable to abuses on social media which end up affecting their self-esteem. This occurs because people lack cue when online. Contrary, it is difficult for one to insult you on the face but can do that repeatedly online because he or she won’t realize the degree in which you are hurt.
Most shockingly, those who use the online platforms for interaction have declining level of empathy since social media forces individuals to tie their self-esteem and identity to a virtual world that dont exist. For instance, the people we interact with on the online platform don’t guarantee us that they will be with us throughout our lives, and their presence depends on their accessibility of the internet. In their absence or case they betray us; we tend to think that everyone on the social media is a betrayer. This influences our brain and makes us misjudge as well as to shrink our brain to a defined perspective. Thereby, we tend to shy away from realities that would be found outside the social media such as interacting with people at work, school or streets.
In conclusion, I support the news article, the brain works according to how a person associates with its environment. The advancement of technology has shrunk the brain capacity to do many things that it is capable of doing. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and video games influences peoples interaction with the environment, and this plays a crucial role in influencing the brain function.
Law, J. (2014). The dark side of social media: Baroness Susan Greenfield says social media is
rewiring our brains. The News. Retrieved from
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