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The paper "The Using The Unreliable Information In The NY Times" discusses the story published in New York Times, where the number of immigrants in South Africa was claimed to be around 5 million. The newspaper failed to provide evidence to confirm that this was the true number…
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The Using The Unreliable Information In The NY Times
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The Using The Unreliable Information In The NY Times Example: In a story published in New York Times, the number of immigrants in South Africa was claimed to be around 5 million. When the newspaper was asked to confirm this number, they failed to provide evidence to confirm that this was the true number.

Reason why it is a deception?
This is a deception since the New York Times attempted to twist the perception of masses regarding the number of immigrants in the SA. This may have been due to some hidden agenda and the purpose of this deception remains unclear.

Evidence supporting it being deception: The information obtained from the last census discovered that the New York Times almost doubled the number of immigrants living in the SA. The real figure was of the order of 2.2 million only.

Book Entry
Example: At a point in the story The Brothers Karamazov, Dmitri convinces Katrina about his love for her by avoiding intimate contact with her, despite her preparedness to engage in such an encounter in return for some money that was required by her father. Later on they get engaged and Katrina becomes rich. Dmitri at this point exploits her trust and steals some money for his personal use, and she is unable to ascertain who is the thief.

Reason why it is a deception: This is a deception since Katrina at this point trusts Dmitri and is willing and ready to become his wife, but Dmitri instead of being loyal to her, steals her money since she cannot expect him to steal money.

Evidence supporting it to be deception: Later on in the story, Dmitri realises that he has done wrong and he attempts to repay her and get his honour back.

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