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Gilt Groupe - Essay Example

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This essay presents Gilt groupe which has recorded immense growth in their membership and has become a giant in offering its members merchandise home decor, travel and clothing. The growing number of customers who access the groupe website requires a reliable and fast speed service…
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Gilt Groupe
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Extract of sample "Gilt Groupe"

Download file to see previous pages According to the study Gilt groupe made riverbed manage their traffic. Gilt had to ensure their website was user friendly and while maintaining the simplicity. The page has to be attractive to display the products being merchandised. Through shifting to cloud environment, gilt would realize flexibility, speed, and expansion in their operations.
In addition, Gilt groupe (GG) had to ensure safety of their data and security. If data is not well protected from hackers and crackers, the competitors of GG could get access to their strategy and goals which could hamper the achievement of their objectives. In order to ensure this, gilt group depended on the services of riverbed.
The problem that faces Guilt group is how to ensure that there large number of users access their sites without difficulty and failure. What continued to pose additional challenge was the fact that the number of visitors accessing the site during the peak periods continued to rise. An unreliable site would make the company lose vast profits making an investment in the cloud environment urgent and profitable.
This paper outlines that to help crack the challenges facing the groupe, it sourced the services of Riverbed and this enabled them to achieve the following. GG tripled their traffic within a year meaning that the number of people who accessed and shopped from their site increased. Again, the groupe managed to in moving their architecture from hosted environment to a cloud environment that was simple to operate. With this, everything worked successfully including fault tolerance in the cluster. Moreover, the multi-tier service managed by Riverbed allowed Guilt to manage their infrastructure with a common and reliable content cache.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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