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The average salary for men is 30,286, while the average salary for women is 29,866. Although males have an average larger annual salary, the difference is so small that it is not significant. This is clear from examining the T Test results that were constructed, which…
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Dataset for salary
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Dataset for Salary Dataset for Salary A two-tailed t-test with unequal variances should be performed for the sample data. 2. The average salary for men is 30,286, while the average salary for women is 29,866. Although males have an average larger annual salary, the difference is so small that it is not significant. This is clear from examining the T Test results that were constructed, which indicate a .4333 result, which is significantly larger than the .05 number.
3. A two-tailed t-test with equal variances should be performed for this assumption.
4. The assumption of matched participants did not change the hypothesis or assumption of a directional relationship, so it did not change the type of t-test; however, equal variances could be assumed with this version and this may have not been the case in the first assumption.
5. The same conclusion was reached; namely, that there was not significant difference between the salaries.
6. They were only slightly different when different variances were assumed. But the result was the same. This is because the participants remained different for each study and so the test that was conducted was the same.
7. Generally random assignment is the best way to assign participants to groups because this ensures that the data is unbiased.
8. No, this is not a true experiment because the subjects were not randomly assigned. This is because was a factor in the first study and years of experience in the second.
9. No, the dataset could not be from a true experiment because it was not randomly assigned.
a. The subjects were randomly assigned into category A or category B. Their salaries were then examined in terms of the extent that they demonstrated a significant difference.
b. A quasi-experimental design was undertaken in which male participant’s salaries were featured in category A and female participant’s salaries were featured in category B. The study tested to see if there was a significant difference between the designs. Read More
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Dataset for Salary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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