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In most of the instances, people believe that aerosols with a global dimming effect are the solution needed to help in the regulation of global warming attributes. However, many view this with much skepticism because of the increase of cooling effects rather than the reduction…
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Psychoanalytic therapy advantages and disadvantages
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Global Warming Vs. Global Dimming Global Warming Vs. Global Dimming In most of the instances, people believe that aerosols with a global dimming effect are the solution needed to help in the regulation of global warming attributes. However, many view this with much skepticism because of the increase of cooling effects rather than the reduction in warming effects. This is something that people continually overlook as they continue to advocate for these dimming aerosols across the world. The fact remains that the aerosols provide a global dimming effect where lesser radiation levels reach the earth, but the trend reversed in the 1990s. Essentially, the growth of the global dimming phenomenon only worked between 1950 and 1985, only for the trend to change and get a turn for the worst. After the masking of CO2 had taken place for close to three decades, the impact of the masked CO2 was only to get worse and increase the global warming trend experienced today. The global warming trend got worse in the 1990s, and many attribute this to the decrease in the effects of the aerosols. Global dimming, therefore, cannot be the best solution to global warming because it lacks the ability to control the global warming aspect from all aspects.
The Basics
Aerosols are not gases, but particles left to drift aloft in the atmosphere with the aim of destroying greenhouse gases that cause an effect on the atmosphere. Importantly, these small particles operate without the influence of gravity (Kerr, 2007). They are light enough to remain aloft for a few hours and could be critical in reducing the effects felt when dealing with such particles. They are solids that may operate as liquids in some instances, something that can assist in understanding the real impact of these elements in the due course (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007).
These aerosols are mainly synthetic, implying their inclusion of greenhouse gases that increase the rates of global warming at any particular time (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007). The society should be warned that the trends taking place in the global front today are a result of the attributes they ignored before. In many instances, the dimming products are sulphate compounds, which eventually reduce to global warming particles, which accelerate the rate of global warming in the atmosphere (Kerr, 2007).
Some of the scientists argue that the growth of global dimming is attributed to human activity, and so is global warming. Though some view these two as neither mutually exclusive nor contradictory, the fact remains that the continued utility of global dimming aerosols over the years has only masked global warming, but not prevented the occurrence of global warming wholly (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007). This implies that the continued burning of fossil fuels and the creation of new fossil fuels over the years, plus an increase in the greenhouse gas production with the increased industrialization makes it difficult to stop this trend (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007). A connection between the two is calculated based on the number of issues that have been dealt with in various position papers. Global warming and dimming interact by allowing for the dimming and blocking of sun rays from causing any evaporation (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007). Incase evaporation occurs, the water droplets bind to the particulates in the atmosphere. Since water vapor is the major resultant of global warming, global dimming is negatively affected because the rain that emerges from the vapor will assist in clearing the atmosphere off any pollutants, leaving the earth more vulnerable. If this happens for a long period, the masking will slowly wear out, and the global warming trends will be resuscitated to higher levels (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007).
Some scientists seem to go for the idea that the continued use of these aerosols would be a welcome aspect in making better trends towards the realization of better-working motives. The starving of global warming effects would only be possible if the society were to continue producing more sulfates that would in turn lead to diming effects (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007). However, concerns arise after other research results established the increased danger of having an increase of sulfates in the atmosphere. An increase in environmental issues such as the production of acidic rain that would ruin more plants that anticipated would be a common occurrence (Kerr, 2007). Use of carbon black has health problems associated with it especially amongst the humans. An increase in the dimming effects would also lead to an increase in the ecological problems, which could lead to issues such as evaporation increase and changes in rainfall patterns. Such changes would later lead to droughts or increase in rainfall, and the society would be affected greatly by the lack of food and other basic amenities (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007).
An important thing to note is that the Faustian bargain of having an increase in dimming to prevent global warming is a bargain that governments should avoid in totality (Kerr, 2007). The implication is that the emissions made must be more than expected because they have to match the accumulated greenhouse gases, something that is stressing enough for the society as a whole. It would require more monetary allocations as well as an increase in the health costs due to the effects of both trends (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007). Their short lifetimes would mean that the more they are in the atmosphere, the more the dangers of the incurred losses and critical approaches needed to deal with such attributes. Eventually, the effects will have an economical attachment to them, and the globe will be incurring more costs and losses instead of working on other measures that could limit global warming (Kerr, 2007).
Global warming is masked by global dimming. The real effects, therefore, are hard to ascertain since the effects of global warming are not fully explored in many parts of the world. In Europe, a major clean up took place in 2003 that would allow the society to make better changes within the continent as it sought to eradicate any particulates affecting the atmosphere (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007). However, nothing was done to reduce the aspect of global warming that was taking place already. It positively lessened the droughts and failed rains, but could have been the major contributor of the heat wave that took place. Fires Portugal’s forests and the thousands killed in France were a testament of the issues taking place in the continent. The same can be said for China and most of the Asian countries (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007). The smog in some of the areas has led the government to come up with clean up measures, and that could be the cause of the extreme weather patterns in the continent. Flashfloods are very common in the continent, and China is mainly affected by these weather patterns due to the rate of industrialization (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007).
The lack of better planning will also be disastrous for the environment, as vegetation will suffer from the lack of favorable conditions for growth. Soil erosion will be a common trend, and the erosion will lead to production failure (Wild, Ohmura, & Makowski, 2007). Food shortages will be a common trend, and the most affected will be the developing nations that barely have enough to eat. This will then strain the production rates amongst the people that still have the means of food production, creating an imbalance in the world. This will affect the society greatly and shift the powers from one area to the next (Kerr, 2007). Incidentally, it will result in the creation of Sahara-like climate and vegetation in a place such as China, and other areas would have even worse attributes. An increase in the warming will also lead to the increase of methane hydrate, something that could affect the society greatly and make it almost impossible to deal with global warming decisively. This is because the element is eight times stronger than carbon dioxide, and its release would greatly affect the chances of minimizing global warming. It is found in the ocean depths but is destabilized by an increase in the warming temperatures. Governments must put this into mind before working on making these dimming issues a reality (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007).
Dealing with Global Warming and Global Dimming
Awareness and provision of the right information will be a good start. The essential attributes are meeting the growing needs that the society needs through the resolution of issues within the prescribed timeframe. Eventually, the essential attribute is to come up with ways of dealing with greenhouse gases. Alternate sources of energy could be a great answer that governments need to pursue. An increase in the smog within the atmosphere will lead to environmental and human health problems that could hurt the society greatly (Kerr, 2007). It is important that governments put in place policies that will deal with both simultaneously, instead of pursuing the cheaper option of global dimming. People also have to make a conscious choice and meet the major demands of lesser pollution within their environments. It is important that people work on creating new methods of defining their livelihoods while at the same time making good choices that may affect the society positively (Denman, & Brasseur, 2007).
In conclusion, global diming may be a good way of meeting the challenges posed by global warming, but care needs to be taken. An excessive pollution of the environment will not only end global warming for a while, but lead to environmental problems that may remain for ages. The masking of global warming should be considered as a solution if the society is not willing to prepare better environmental programs that will clean the atmosphere and rid the production of greenhouse gases.
Denman, K. L., & Brasseur, G. (2007). Couplings between changes in climate system and the biogeochemistry. New York: IPCC
Kerr, R. A. (2007). Climate change: Is a Thinning Haze Unveiling the Real Global Warming? Science 315(5818), 1480.
Wild, M., Ohmura, A., & Makowski, K. (2007). Impact of global dimming and brightening on global warming. Geophysical Research Letters 34(4): L04702. Read More
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