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Chart Applicable Standards to Psychology Specializations - Coursework Example

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Clinger, 1982 provides a reasonable insight to how breach of confidentiality may result in litigations. The psychiatrist in the case provided information obtained from the patient to his spouse resulting in the deterioration of marital relationship,…
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Chart Applicable Standards to Psychology Specializations
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, the disclosure of this information breaches the rules of confidentiality and the trust in profession thereof.
The programs designed to educate or train must endeavor accurate knowledge and experience to the participants with clear aims of the program and assessment of student’s and supervisee’s performance.
A psychologist involved in educational program on curbing drug dependence exaggerates the assessment results to encourage participation in drug prevention and rehabilitation programs are actively participating in an unethical conduct.
A patient participating in a program to deal with cocaine dependence should be informed about the physical health conditions accurately regardless of the possible trauma he/she may face knowing a devastating health issue observed during screening and assessment. A psychologist who intentionally hides a chronic illness to keep the patient from mental distress is involved in an ethical dilemma and must ensure proper information transferred to the patient.
A psychologist takes informed consent from the participants to use their drug and alcohol abuse tendency, frequency and sexual and violent behaviors history for only obtaining quantitative results from the sample population. He, later on, uses the information to develop case studies hiding names but referencing characteristics that result in recognition of the participant is a significant threat to the ethical stance projected by APA codes for psychologists. The data obtained should only be used for the purpose it was consented for and communicated about.
For instance, a psychologist who pursues to become a Substance Abuse Counselor must obtain an educational path that involves the basic bachelor’s level course content of Alcohol and Drug Abuse studies further leading to specialization in counseling services to drug abusers in post-graduate degree. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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