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The Effectiveness of Drug Treatments on PTSD compare to Immediate Psychological Interventions - Essay Example

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The Effectiveness of Drug Treatments on PTSD compared to the Immediate Psychological Interventions Author’s Name Institution Introduction There has been an increase in the incidence of PTSD. Different therapists prefer different modalities of treatment. Some place emphasis on drug therapy, while others place emphasis on psychotherapy…
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The Effectiveness of Drug Treatments on PTSD compare to Immediate Psychological Interventions
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of Drug Treatments on PTSD compare to Immediate Psychological Interventions"

Download file to see previous pages NICE is an independent organization that was setup in 1999 1. NICE makes the decision with regards to drugs and treatment. The organization decides the availability of different treatment modalities that are available in England and Wales. Clinical guidelines can be termed as recommendations for good health practices. The recommendations in NICE are set up by representative groups of health workers. These groups analyse the available evidence on the best management or treatment modalities, and derive recommendations from this evidence. Guidelines are imperative in the medical field. Guidelines are protocols that are tailor made from research that has proven their efficacy1. They make the work of the health worker easier in management of diseases and complications. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder. Its development is preceded by an emotionally, incapacitating phenomenon. These can include highly unsafe, life threatening or frightening occurrence. Approximately 30% of those who have undergone a traumatic ordeal may proceed to development of PTSD2. It is estimated that PTSD may affect 8% of people at one point in their lives2. A patient with PTSD experiences lasting consequences of the frightening or traumatic ordeal. Families of affected victims, rescue workers and emergency personnel can develop PTSD. These patients frequently have reactions that include nervousness, anger, shock, fear, and guilt. It is worth noting that these are normal occurrences. The distinction in PTSD lies in the fact that these reactions are unrelenting. These reactions may increase in magnitude leading to incapacitation. Patients with PTSD have symptoms for greater than a month. Their level of functionality is decreased when compared to the pre-traumatic period. The symptoms of PTSD begin within 3 months after the traumatic ordeal3. However, there are those who can experience symptoms years after the ordeal. The duration and severity of the illness varies. The symptoms are classified into 3 main entities. These include avoiding, reliving and increased arousal. In avoiding, people avoid places, people, situations or thoughts that remind them of the traumatic ordeal. This frequently leads to isolation and feelings of detachment from friends and families. The patients also experience loss of experiences in previously enjoyed activities. In the second category of Reliving, patients frequently relive the traumatic ordeal through memories and thoughts. Henceforth, they experience nightmares, flashback and hallucinations. In the third category of increased arousal, patients exhibit excessive emotions3. They also have problematic relationship with others and sleep disturbances. The ICD-10 PTSD diagnosis criteria require the fulfilment of two conditions3. Firstly, the patient must have experienced a traumatic event. Secondly, the patient suffers from re-experiences and distressing symptoms. Five ICD-10 diagnostic criteria are then derived from these two conditions. The first criterion is that the patient must have had exposure to stressful ordeal of deleterious nature. The second criterion is that there must be persistent reliving of the traumatic ordeal in dreams, flashbacks or memories. Thirdly, the patient must exhibit avoidance of circumstances resembling or associated with the trauma. Fourthly, one of the following symptoms must be present: partial or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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