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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze the resonance, that is the functional result of attunement. Resonance circuitry comprises of the mirror neuron system (MNS), the superior temporal cortex, the insular cortex, and the middle prefrontal cortex…
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Resonance As the Functional Result of Attunement
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Resonance As the Functional Result of Attunement
Resonance is the functional result of attunement. The resonance allows an individual to feel what another person feels. Resonance circuitry comprises of the mirror neuron system (MNS), the superior temporal cortex, the insula cortex, and the middle prefrontal cortex. The resonance circuits are the pathway that connects one individual to another. An individual creates a map of intention using his cortically based mirror neurons and then transmit the information downward to his subcortical regions. The insula (a neutral circuit) is the information bridge between the mirror neurons and the limbic areas. The limbic areas then transfer information to the brainstem and the body proper. The above information flow allows individuals to resonate psychologically with each other. The signals from a person’s body, limbic areas, and brain stem are then transmitted back to the insula to the middle prefrontal areas. The direct interaction of the superior temporal cortex, the insula, and MNS creates the resonance circuit (Siegel, 2007).
The resonance circuitry similarity with sympathetic resonance.
The mirror neurons bridge perception and motor action and relate closely with these related sections to form a functional circuit that initiates imitative actions, affective and somatic resonance. The process affects the middle prefrontal areas that are part of resonance circuitry, thus drawing sympathetic resonance. The insula in both instances is an information superhighway linking the mirror neurons and the limbic areas. They match what a person perceives of another individual. Sympathetic resonance draws on a process known as interoception, whereby there is a bodily and limbic shift. It allows an individual to perceive inwards so that one can sense what he feels in his body. The shift then allows the individual to engage the hypothesized act of interpreting their shift and relating it to other individuals (Siegel, 2007).
Relation of Resonance to Engagement
Relationships are important to an individual’s life. By understanding the internal states of others, an individual can engage with the other person depending on the situation. For instance, an individual approaches a group that is laughing or visits a person who suffered a loss. By resonating with the either of the above situations, an individual feels others feelings, that way he can engage with them appropriately. If he joins the laughing group, he may find himself laughing, and if he joins the moaners, he may experience a heaviness in his chest and may even cry.
To make the preventive program more effective, they should advocate for the development of a creative force that ensures that the program is adopted with passion and fervor. They should follow the example of N.C. Wyeth by ensuring that the program is embraced and accepted. Curiosity comes out of the unconscious, and it pushes an individual to go an extra mile to see the results. There is a sharp divide between what an individual knows about himself and what is concealed in their unconscious. Curiosity spurs the willingness to explore the unconscious world. Improvisation allows the individual to recapture how things were and how to manage change. Divergent thinking prompts an individual to spring forth ideas from the unconscious. Divergent thinking opens up an individual to creative possibilities. It is at this point that wonderful things start to happen. A person moves beyond the boundaries, and different possibilities began to emerge. An individual’s waves of becoming reside in this invisible world, and it’s from where one digs. By encouraging on to look deeper, it allows one to fantasize, dream and imagine and eventually help counter the disturbing trends in divergent thinking.
Siegel D., (2007), Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and the brain. Retrieved from Read More
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