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Psychianalytic, Adlerian and Person-centred perspectives - Essay Example

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Today, therapeutic counselling presents quite a broad area that allows for the choice of approaches that would suit both a therapist and a client and lead to the best outcomes possible. Therefore, this is essential for a professional to be able to make sense of the variety of…
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Psychianalytic, Adlerian and Person-centred perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages My interest in the psychoanalytic therapy stems from the fact that today it encompasses a variety of schools with each suggesting a different approach to the therapy, but all sharing a common ground that was formulated by Freud. Therefore, making an insight into the psychoanalytic theory is of the great use. Since this was not my first acquaintance with Freud’s ideas concerning human personality and development, I had a certain vision of what to expect from a theory that grew out of the thoughts of a famous scientist. Therefore, the pre-chapter self-inventory coincides with my final thoughts at almost all points. However, the noticeable difference is that I became more confident about the aspects of the psychoanalytic therapy and, of course, considerably deepened the realization of its features and ultimate tasks.
A crucial aspect is the stress on the unconscious that cannot be studied directly but only analyzed through the behavior, actions, and desires of a person, often hidden, that are the results of the unconscious. (Corey, 2013) The theory is of the great importance as far as it laid the ground for the developmental psychology, providing a paradigm for studying the variety of forces that contribute to the formation of a personality. It aims at making an insight into developmental problems that could resulted in the appearance of different issues that prevent one from a healthy functioning.
An important point in this regard, which I managed to learn, is the great value of transference for the success of a therapy. This is what helps a practitioner to really make an insight into the feelings experienced by a client at an early stage of development that still have a significant influence on patient’s life, his/her opinions, and current feelings. By the repetition of the past into the presence the old problems are detected and their resolution becomes the goal of the therapy. (Corey, 2013) An important detail, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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