"The Rights of the Nonhuman World" by Mary Anne Warren - Assignment Example

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Therefore, they have basic moral rights because they have feelings that should not be ignored by human beings (Warren, 1983).
The right to liberty differs between human beings…
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"The Rights of the Nonhuman World" by Mary Anne Warren
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Extract of sample ""The Rights of the Nonhuman World" by Mary Anne Warren"

The Rights of the Nonhuman World al affiliation The Rights of the Nonhuman World Why do sentient nonhuman animals have certain basic moral rights?
Sentient nonhuman animals have certain basic moral rights because they experience pleasure and pain. Therefore, they have basic moral rights because they have feelings that should not be ignored by human beings (Warren, 1983).
How does the right to liberty differ between human beings and animals? The right to life?
The right to liberty differs between human beings and animals in the sense that humans would suffer if these rights were denied. However, animals are not likely to suffer because of confinement as long as they are treated well. With respect to the right to life, animals do not have the cognitive ability to value their lives like animals do.
Why should we assign strong moral rights to "nonparadigm" human beings, such as infants and the incurably senile?
We should assign strong moral rights to nonparadigm human beings because they need these rights even if they do not have the mental capacity to value their own lives and because they have their own needs and interests, which can be categorized as intrinsic value (Warren, 1983).
Why is it plausible that nonsentient natural entities such as mountains and valleys have some sort of intrinsic value? Why is it preferable to speak of their intrinsic value rather than of their moral rights?
It is plausible that nonsentient natural entities such as mountains and valleys have some sort of intrinsic value because such entities have value for some human beings even though they have no own interests.
How do the perspectives of "land-ethic" environmentalists and of animal liberationists complement each other?
The perspectives of land-ethic environmentalists and animal liberationists complement each other in the sense that they advocate for the rights on the nonhuman beings. They both believe than nonhuman animals must be provided with certain rights (Warren, 1983).
Warren, A. (1983). “The Rights of the Nonhuman World”. The Rights of the Nonhuman World
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