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Hurricane IKE - Essay Example

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According to the data from the Hurricane center track, the National and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Ike refers to an active tropical-weather system that hit the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico between august 28th and september13th, 2008. At 0600 Universal…
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"Hurricane IKE"

Download file to see previous pages Moving to September 4th, at 0600 hurricane Ike had intensified and reached category -4 storm levels with winds of On September 7th, Ike spread to parts of salty cay, grand turkey, and south Caicos Islands and made later on the same day made another landfall on the great Inagua islands in the southern Bahamas. On September 8th, there were subsequent landfalls near Cuba, Cabo Lucrecia, and on September 9th near San Cristobal in Cuba before the storm was finally witnessed at the Gulf of Mexico. From the Gulf of Mexico, Ike crossed the Gulf and at 0700. On September 13th it made a landfall alongside the northern end part of the Galveston Island, as strong type 2 storms with optimum constant winds of 175km/hr. this paper will highlight the general facts about Hurricane Ike and then analyze it in terms of mitigation, response, preparedness, and recovery measures. Finally, the paper will identify whether there any interpersonal or organizational conflict present in this scene.
As per the statistical data provided by the accredited research division, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory Hurricane, hurricane Ike-force winds affected about 180km of coastline. However, the maximum wind-speeds were witnessed at the east parts of Galveston, Texas. The Ike Hurricane-force winds moved further, extended to the Texas-Louisiana border, and influenced much of the coast of Louisiana.
Several of the moored buoys operated by the NOAA National data Buoy Center, captured the heights and periods of the Hurricane-Ike waves. At around 33 hours before the landfall, hurricane Ike was travelling within 28kilometers of Buoy 4200 in the Gulf of Mexico which is about 330 kilometers south of parts of southern, Louisiana (UDHS, 2009). The highest and significant wave height that was recorded at this point was 9.2 meters. Buoy 42035, moored in 13.7 meters of water east of Galveston, Texas, went adrift on September 12th and later on the day ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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