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Tasting Color: The Effects Color Have on Taste - Research Paper Example

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The essay "Tasting Color: The Effects Color Have On Taste" describes human beings have different perceptions regarding how foods may taste depending on the color. An appealing color may be associated with a good taste. The taste buds in humans have a big role in determining the tastes…
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Tasting Color: The Effects Color Have on Taste
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Download file to see previous pages The participants were confused at first when the experimenters presented them with different cups and water, as they were concerned about the colored water. They then reassured the students that the clear and colored liquids were all water, which made them relax. The students consumed the water and gave their drink ratings confidently. Before the start of the experiment, each participant was to select a cup of his or her first preference to drink from. The cups were red and clear and according to the records, the participants preferred starting with the clear water. Participants were quite disappointed when drinking the red water and frowned on their faces with some of them admitting that they first thought that it was juice. The participants were to give the rating to the drinks after consuming all of them. The rating scale was 1to 10 and results showed that those who preferred to drink from the red cup containing clear water were more than those who preferred the clear cup with clear water. In figure 1, it is very clear that all participants preferred the red cup with clear water compared to the other three options. The results from figure one also show that the red water in the red cup was of least preference. Cup color contributed a lot to the participants' preference, and each of the variables affected the participant differently. In fact, the red cup showed the greatest significance although the participants started with clear cups as their first preference. The second most significant cup was the clear cup. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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