If I'd Only Known Then, What I Know Now - Book Report/Review Example

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I understand the need to come up with alternative decisions through critical analysis, and weigh them against each other, to determine the one with the best outcome and least risk. This reduces…
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If I'd Only Known Then, What I Know Now
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Psychology Psychology The quality of my decision-making skills and decision has changed through the years. I understand the need to come up with alternative decisions through critical analysis, and weigh them against each other, to determine the one with the best outcome and least risk. This reduces the need for unplanned decision making, which is considerably dangerous. Although it is necessary to trust instincts, I believe that a person makes quality decisions if they first weigh alternatives and choose the best option.
I agree that the need for a plan B is always necessary because we often make wrong decisions at first. We live in an impulsive and trendy world in which we want things we cannot afford comfortably. While the original decision to buy an expensive car was wrong and led to problems, the second decision saved the situation. It is quite upsetting to lose both a job and a car on loan, and this serves as a lesson to others in a similar situation. It is necessary to consider alternatives first, for example, the 4 thousand dollar car, rather rushing to a decision to acquire an expensive car on loan.
I am proud of your decision-making skills despite your initial educational challenges. It is true that the company one keeps determines the decisions a person makes, and for that reason, it is essential to hang out with the right company. Education is always the right choice because it provides a foundation for future opportunities such as employment. The decision to get back to school and complete your education is praiseworthy, and I am quite happy for the success you enjoy in your new career. Read More
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