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Psychologists direct their interest in human behavioural patterns, emotion and thought as well as the manner in which individuals interact with each other as a means of…
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Correction of essay
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Download file to see previous pages Psychologists have debated on the origin of human personality with some proposing that it originates from within the individual. On the contrary, others argue personality is influenced by external environments an individual is subjected (Glassman & Hadad, 2013). Psychoanalysts propose that unconscious motivators combine with social factors such as childhood influences to play a role in personality development. While studies continue to take place with the aim of generating greater understanding of the human personality, two psychologists; Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers critically evaluated the development of personality and the various factors that influence this development. This paper discusses the extent to which these two theorists believe that the personality is a product of free will.
Freud was introduced to psychology and psychoanalysis through the practice of hypnosis that was at the time used to cure the human mental ailments and conditions. He experienced and studied hypnosis under the French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot. While Charcot sought to investigate the root causes of hysteria, he found out that symptoms of hysteria could be alleviated through hypnosis. It led him to believe that deeper underlying levels of consciousness could be behind an individual’s conscious conduct or personality (Baumeister, Dale, & Sommer, 1998). From his associations with other practitioners of psychology, psychoanalysis and behavioural sciences, Freud developed the technique of psychoanalysis based on case observations of his patients (Baumeister, Dale, & Sommer, 1998). Freud was able to observe the connection between the associations his patients developed consciously with the dreams they had.
Freud’s principle argument in discussing personality was that personality was dependent on a person’s interaction with the components of the human mind. Tis could imply that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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