Do the dual-task and PRP paradigms provide a reliable measure of multitasking costs - Research Paper Example

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Studies in psychology have made it possible to measure behaviour of individuals in chores that simulate daily life especially when dealing with several demands that require attention at the same time. These studies rhyme with the increasing demands for efficiency because the…
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Do the dual-task and PRP paradigms provide a reliable measure of multitasking costs
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Download file to see previous pages Task switching is the sequential representation of one task after another, a concept that is commonly referred to as psychological refractory period abbreviated as PRP. The time taken in measuring the response to stimulus of task in classical psychology is known as refractory period measured using dual task paradigms. When describing PRP paradigm, one should first present a stimulus (S1) for the first task (T1) before presenting the stimulus (S2) for the second task (T2). Stimulus onset asynchrony is the duration between the onset of the two stimuli. When there is smaller distance between the two stimulus, the S2 will have a longer reaction time (RT). The reaction time is measured for both the T2 and T1. Jersild (1927) argued that the reaction time for S2 has to be shorter the first task than it is for the second task. The main challenge for most current studies is the absence of task repetition, which was part of the study applied by Jersild (1927) who used PRP and pure task condition.
There are other concepts ascribing that the concept of multitasking leads to multitasking madness because it waste time. Multitasking madness was described as the capability of human brains appearing as though performing several tasks at the same time yet it uses its filtering mechanism to make it possible to switch from one task to another (). In fact, the multitasking myth is a common phenomenon when assessed from the daily activities and events. For instance, it is possible to find people walking while talking or driving cars while answering mobile phones. Avoiding multitasking madness requires that the individuals estimate the time required to perform a task precisely to avoid underestimation of the required time, which may create bias expectations that would turn unrealistic expectations in the performance (). Besides, the concept of letting off the external memory is important because it reduces the cognitive load that helps the individual to have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do the Dual-Task and PRP Paradigms Provide a Reliable Measure of Research Paper.
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