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Age, racial and ethnic differences as well as neighborhood socioeconomic status influence the life expectancies of the population (Clarke et al., 2010). Clarke et al (2010) further indicate…
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Chapter 11
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Psychology Question Discrepancies in life expectancy among various racial and ethnic groups exist in the U.S. Age, racial and ethnic differences as well as neighborhood socioeconomic status influence the life expectancies of the population (Clarke et al., 2010). Clarke et al (2010) further indicate that life expectancy in California was highest for Asian females and lowest for African-American males. Life expectancy is relatively higher among white and African-American populations than in Asian and Hispanic populations.
Question 2
The U.S. consists of a relatively young population as compared to other developed countries. Both immigrations into the United States and high levels of fertility have contributed to a large young population.
Question 3
Suicide rates in the ages of 65 to 85 have been on a steady increase in the United States. Economic hardships, solitude, and substance abuse are the main contributors to the increased suicide rates. Recession and a slowed economic growth have caused a decline in older people’s investments. This has caused them a significant amount of stress, and some of them chose to commit suicide (Clarke et al., 2010).
Question 4
Wisdom refers to the aptitude to make thorough judgments and decisions in all circumstances. It also refers to the ability to apply knowledge in stressful situations. Wisdom also entails critical and analytical thinking.
Question 5
Gender and sexuality changes are bound to occur in late adulthood. Today’s young adults will face similar changes in gender and sexuality as previous generations faced. These changes include declined sexual activity in both men and women as well as significant changes in health and physical fitness.
Question 6
Social activity in late adulthood helps people live long and healthy lives. They also help alleviate loneliness. Some elements of social activity that are beneficial to older people include physical exercise and social gatherings (Clarke et al., 2010).

Clarke, C., Miller, T., Chang, E., Yin, D., Cockburn, M., & Gomez, S. (2010). Racial and social class gradients in life expectancy in contemporary California. Social Science & Medicine, 70(9), 1373-1380. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.01.003 Read More
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