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Stress Reduction - Essay Example

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Sources of stress can be from financial status, social status or health. All these types of stress can be managed to ensure that an individual leads a healthy life…
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Stress Reduction
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Download file to see previous pages After a medical screening, most of the employees experienced physical stress related problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and migraine headaches. These results show that Type A personalities suffer from heart related diseases because they are impatient (Smith, 2002). A longitudinal study carried out by Friedman & Rosenman showed that Type A personality were predicted with heart related diseases. Therefore, every category physical problem will have a particular stress management program.
Patients who are suffering from hypertension show that the stress level is high, and it is leading to high blood pressure. The employees who are suffering from hypertension need to manage stress so that they can reduce hypertension effects on their health (Coleman, 1998). Clients diagnosed with hypertension are not advised to start vigorous exercises because this may overwork the heart. They should take simple exercises to help them relax and not to workout, and the exercises should be done under a prescription from specialists (Smith, 2002).
There are habits that are associated with high blood pressure. These are: excessive alcohol drinking, not having enough sleeping time and stress. Hence, the employee should begin practicing a healthy lifestyle of no smoking and eating a balanced diet. They should have time to relax and carry out activities that they love most. Stress is an essential problem for many people, but it has no medication because it needs the individual to have a positive attitude. Both ladies and men who are suffering from the hypertension need to have simple exercises and abstain from smoking and alcohol intake (Roberts, 2011).
Consistency in exercising will be helpful because the individual will be able to track the improvements. Also, the doctor will be able to prescribe exercises that will be effective depending on the age of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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