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Could hypnosis be a useful tool for the police - Essay Example

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Hypnosis is a sleep-like effect that one experiences after induction psychically. It is a procedure that performed by a trained person (forensic hypnotic, psychiatrist, or a trained police officer). The victim…
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Could hypnosis be a useful tool for the police
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Download file to see previous pages 109-128). It started with the United States but has since spread to other countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (Gibson H. 2007 pp. 148-149). There have been a number of issues that have led to several debates about the effects of investigative hypnosis practice over the years. The Courts have heard numerous ethical, legal, professional and scientific issues in the practice, especially by the police (Hill et al. 2005 pp. 99-103).
Scientific concerns are best addressed by answering the question of whether the practice has any impact on the victim’s memory and whether the remembered material affects the individual psychologically. The scientific issues have been investigated over time, mostly, in laboratories. The tests have revealed that some of the information provided by hypnotized victims or witnesses will be false (Kleeinhauz et al. 2007 pp 77-80). Moreover, individuals become more confident of the information they provide after hypnosis regardless of its accuracy (Mutter C. 2004 pp. 42-51).
In professional issues side, the big concern has been the qualifications that a forensic hypnotic should have to be able to perform the procedure. The greatest concern in recent times has been on the police in particular. Those opposed to the hypnosis practice are not particularly happy with the police involvement in hypnosis (Russchaert N. 2014 pp. 269-284). In the US, for instance, this method is controlled by legislation. The law states that only registered dentists, psychologists, medical practitioners or prescribed persons are allowed to use hypnosis. In the event forensic hypnosis becomes an option, a decision will need to be made on whom to perform the procedure (Schreider et al. 2009 pp. 40-44).
In terms of legal issues concerns, the central question is how credible or reliable a hypnotized-witness’ testimony is (Wagtaff G. 2011 p. 3-7). Studies show that various factors surround the hypnotically influenced statements. Some of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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