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A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse - Essay Example

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The study aimed at evaluating effectiveness of a family-based behavioral therapy on treating mothers who have been referred from child protective service for drug abuse and for neglecting their children. Existing literature on the research field shows that a significant number…
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A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse
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Extract of sample "A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse"

Download file to see previous pages Experimental studies on behavioral therapies show improvements among parents who have recommended due to physical molestation of their children, an aspect that relates to child neglect. Studies on child neglect have been limited to case studies that show significance of behavioral therapies in managing child neglect and existing experimental studies on child neglects have not focused on persistent drug abuse. The lack of experimental studies on effects of behavioral therapy on child neglect and drug abuse among mothers informed the study (Donohue, et al., 2014).
A controlled experimental design was used for the study. The experimental design was a 2*2*3 model that identified treatment type (family-based behavioral treatment and treatment as usual), type of neglect (exposure and other types of neglect), and time (baseline, six months and ten months after randomization). Seventy-two mothers who exhibited drug abuse and child neglect were assigned, randomly into the behavioral therapy and ordinary treatment groups and outcomes measured (Donohue, et al., 2014).
Family-based behavioral treatment was more effective on improving maltreatment outcomes among mothers whose children had suffered neglect but not exposure to illegal drugs than it was on mothers who had reported child exposure to illegal drugs. It was also more effective than effects of the normal treatment. Family-based behavior therapy was also more effective on improving maltreatment among hard drug users who did not expose their children to drugs than it was on mothers who exposed their children and than the normal treatment. The normal treatment was however, more effective in reducing hard drug abuse among women who exposed their children to drugs than among those who did not expose their children to drugs and more effective than the behavioral treatment. The behavioral therapy was also more effective than the normal treatment in increasing employability, risk of contracting HIV, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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