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Sididhartha - Essay Example

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What is my destiny? These questions are asked by every person sooner or later on a journey of self-knowing, and quest for truth and freedom. It is essential to know yourself on the way of discovering the entity of the world, for a man is a part of the greater whole,…
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Extract of sample "Sididhartha"

Download file to see previous pages As a matter of fact, the path of self-changing, as a way of gaining truth, is the path of self-improvement, happiness, and freedom. It is the highest purpose of life, or the life itself. In this respect, a bright example of the same experience is the life of Brahman’s son Siddhartha from homonymic allegorical novel of Hermann Hesse, who has dedicated his life to the search of life truth, as the way of enlightenment and awakening.
To begin with it must be said that the novel itself serves as guidance for life analysis by everyone, as it shows its whole hollowness without striving for the highest priority of our existence. As we can see, the main theme of “Siddhartha” is search for truth, as that source and effect, which gives reason for being and fills it with deep meaning. The main thing in life is to give up carnal desires, which turn it into suffering. This is the only way a person can reach Nirvana, that is, freedom, bliss, self-knowledge, and enlightenment. Thus, a soul as the eternal and intangible primary substance appears to be the central concept of human’s breath. Gaining of freedom becomes possible only by living in harmony with heart hopes, as in, the pursuance of perception of the universal order through the knowing of its small part, interfolded in the human body, and bearing the name of soul. Siddhartha comes through the way of his changing from a simple young man, tired of just the same continual and boring life mechanisms, to an enlightened man, who reaches the truth by the experience of his own life, as it is his desire and the primary reason not to follow Buddha but to search his own way. He has pulled through many events, as well as flown through himself many people of different views. Still Siddhartha holds true to the ideal of life truth as the highest purpose of people’s existence on the Earth. And as a result, passing through hardship he gains freedom, the freedom from the bustle of the world in the union with nature, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sididhartha Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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