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I selected the following three divisions of the American Psychological Association (APA): Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Educational Psychology and Psychoanalysis Division. I opted for these three divisions because they are the ones that please me most. Precisely, I…
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Getting Familiar with Psychological Science Getting Familiar with Psychological Science Divisions I selected the following three divisions of the American Psychological Association (APA): Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Educational Psychology and Psychoanalysis Division. I opted for these three divisions because they are the ones that please me most. Precisely, I chose Society for the Teaching of Psychology because I prefer the learning of psychology. On the other hand, my choice for Educational Psychology was influenced by the fact that I am deeply interested in teaching and carrying out more research in the field of psychology. Last, but not least, I chose Psychoanalysis Division because of its concern for psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
Indeed, the goals for these divisions met my expectations. Since Society for the Teaching of Psychology aims at promoting the learning and teaching of psychology, I found it quite appropriate because I want to learn much about psychology. Besides, the goal for Educational Psychology satisfied me because it emphasizes the need for research and teaching which of course, I am passionate about. Finally, Psychoanalysis Division met my expectations because it focuses on psychoanalytic therapy, a great and fulfilling area of study.
Nobel Prize Laureates
Roger W. Sperry: Awarded Nobel Prize in 1981 for his contributions physiology after discovering functional specialization of the cerebral hemisphere.
David D. Hubel & Torsten N. Weisel: Jointly awarded Nobel Prize in in medicine in 1981 for discovering visual system’s information processing process.
Daniel Kahneman: Awarded Nobel Prize in 2002 for his contributions to human decision in psychology.
Herbert A. Simon: Awarded Nobel Prize in economics in 1978 for his contributions to the organizational decision making process. Read More
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