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Suicide - Research Paper Example

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Depression is primarily the motivating factor for suicide. Depression denotes mood disturbances characterized by feelings of discouragement, sadness…
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Download file to see previous pages Self-destruction is potentially the most tragic consequence of mood disorder. However, it is crucial to point that there are other causes of suicide besides depression. Suicide is also linked to personality disorder and schizophrenia.
(a) As mentioned before, there is a close link between suicide and depression (Sinyor, Schaffer, & Cheung, 2014). It is essential to assert that almost everyone experience episodes of depression attributable to other stress factors; however, the lever of severity differs.
(b) In the mild state, it usually appears normal, and the individual can recover from it, but in severe level it often disturb the individual leading to suicidal thoughts (Fowler, Gladden, Vagi, Barnes, & Frazier, 2015). It does not discriminate and can affect individuals of all ages.
(a) Age: most suicidal attempts happen between teenage and adult age (Anderson, Rees, & Sabia, 2014). However, individuals who are forty-five to sixty years old show the highest rates of suicidal cases.
(c) Sex: more men often succeed at killing themselves than women. On the contrary, more women attempt suicide than men. Women usually act out of impulse and use methods that are relatively less serious, which in most cases does not make them succeed in committing suicide (Yi-Sheng Jiang & Ming-Chang Tsai, 2013). However, men often act after advanced thought and use methods that are relatively more serious like a gun.
(e) Psychiatric history: individuals who have problems related to the mental health or have experienced such problems are at increased risk of committing suicide (Consoli et al., 2015). Other problems such as chronic alcoholism can lead to suicidal thoughts.
(a) A number of theories attempt to give an explanation why some individuals would choose to terminate their lives (Han, Compton, Gfroerer, & McKeon, 2014). However, even with these theories, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Suicide Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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