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They appears as if they have overlapping definitions. However, the two concepts are diverse and different in concept and application. Essentially,…
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Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Paper
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Leadership and management affiliation Leadership and management Most people consider leadership and management as relates concepts, and often falls as victims of using the words interchangeably. They appears as if they have overlapping definitions. However, the two concepts are diverse and different in concept and application. Essentially, organizations thriving and success is dependent upon strong leadership and management. The controversy seems to scale up, with an escalation in the levels of debates that seemingly come up to make the definition clear. The paper seeks to dig out and shed light between the two concepts. Furthermore, the piece will exhort on how factory management can utilize diverse leadership styles in ensuring that networking among the workers is a daily concern (Bhattacharyya, 2006).
Both leadership and management activities remains the backbone of organizational success. Their contribution is valuable, and a gap is expected in absentia of any one element. First, leaders acts as the core advocate to the status quo, keeping the managerial team on toes and pushing for change and improvement in operations. They desire to have new ways of doing things and approaches to organization processes. On the other hand, managers advocate for organizational stability and maintenance of status quo. Leaders interact with people and understand some of their challenges, an element that is absent in a manager whose concern is carrying out his duties and responsibilities ensuring all; the tasks are accomplishes.
Therefore, it is clear that leadership is all about adoption of mechanism to cope with change, organizational vision development, relaying the vision to the members through constant communication and interaction, motivating people to work towards achievement of the vision and eventual fulfilment. Management involves the processes of planning, staffing, organizing, conflict resolution, coordination, and directing all the organizational activities. It works towards maintenance of the firm’s stability and uncertainty reduction. It works towards ensuring achievement of the vision provided by the leaders.
Management ideologies directs towards a control process. Consistent and perfect control yields success. All the management functions and processes should not be in possession of any risk element. It is based on the power vested in a person, and the ability to be called a boss. In contrast, the leadership function will motivate and energise people to perform in an excellent manner, leading to intrinsic satisfaction. It focuses on the people, and is based on personal power. Concisely, a leader is an open minded, has insight, great orator and listener and courageous while a manager possess an expert mind, focus on organization stability, lacks emotions and talks more than listening (Kotterman, 2006).
Task success in a factory requires collaboration of all duties among workers and ideal communication from the management team. Despite that diverse factors are pivotal in ensuring success of the task done in the factory, leadership style contributes to a great parentage too. Collaborative leadership seeks to ensure that all workers work as a team. It does lead to an upsurge of commitment and action, sustains hope, and every worker is keen to act in his area of jurisdiction. Collaborative leader shares some of the powers to other people, hence motivating them. Through collaborative leadership, networking is evident in the factory as there is no strained communication and motivation is on rise.
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Kotterman, J. (2006). Leadership Versus Management: Whats the Difference?. Journal For Quality & Participation, 29(2), 13-17. Read More
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