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Response to hurricane-It is always essential to have an evacuation program in place so as to make sure that people can run to safety in case hurricane strikes a certain area. A proper chain of command should always be in place and emergency functions must be designated to…
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Human Responses to Disasters
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Human resources to disasters Human resources to disasters Response to hurricane-It is always essential to have an evacuation programin place so as to make sure that people can run to safety in case hurricane strikes a certain area. A proper chain of command should always be in place and emergency functions must be designated to individuals who can be assigned such roles and execute them seamlessly. There should be definite evacuation processes, comprising of exits and routes. Lastly there must be a process for accounting for visitors, customers and personnel. There must also be enough equipment for every personnel. On the other hand a response to a terrorist attack would comprise of immediate summoning the local resources utilized during emergency situations. Due to the potentially huge damage, casualties, fatalities and contamination that might be produced by big-scale terrorist incidents, unique and specialized response resources might be required from the federal and state government to supplement those available locally (Saban,2014).
Finally responding to a home fire would involve removing anyone from the immediate risk of fire. The second step involves activating the fire alarm system in the building and calling 911.The third step involves confining the fire by closing all doors and windows and the last procedure is evacuating the building(Giesler,2010). Some of the similarities in response to human responses to disaster comprise immediate response to the disaster by summoning all the available resources to fight back the disaster. The responses also require a prior practice of what should be done in case of the disaster happening. Some of the differences comprise use of different methods to respond to various disasters. Thus responding to a hurricane for instance is quite different to responding to fire. These differences emanate due to the nature and type of disaster. A hurricane destroys differently from for instance a terrorist attack.
Saban,L. (2014). Disaster Emergency Management:The Emergence of Professional Help Sevices for Victims of Natural Disasters. New York,NY: SUNY Press.
Giesler,M. (2010). Fire and Life Safety Educator. New York,NY: CengageBrain. Read More
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