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Insurance Fraud: Crime in Vancouver - Literature review Example

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In the paper “Insurance Fraud: Crime in Vancouver” the author discusses insurance fraud, which has become a common social phenomenon, affecting many insurance companies. For a long time, lack of clear definition of insurance fraud made it difficult to bring the perpetrators to Justice…
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Insurance Fraud: Crime in Vancouver
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Extract of sample "Insurance Fraud: Crime in Vancouver"

Download file to see previous pages The author is quick to point out that it will be necessary to apply other approaches, such as the psychological perspective. However, Button, Pakes, & Blackbourn (2014), have not indicated how the field of psychology can be incorporated in fighting insurance fraud. The psychological perspective was applied to insurance fraud, with an aim of establishing motives behind this form of crime (Dodd, 1998). The author states the importance of applying the psychological perspective for the purpose of ensuring that the reasons behind the insurance fraud can be established. Like many psychological proponents, Dodd (1998), was more concerned on answering the question ‘why?’ rather than just explaining the behavior and punishing the culprits. The author argues that without explaining the main motives behind such crimes, it was going to be difficult to have an amicable solution that would see the vice been addressed. The main weakness is that the book does not provide measures that can be taken to prevent insurance crime. Its main concern is that the establishment of the causes of crime. This may explain why the psychological perspective is yet to make a great impact on the criminal justice system, owing to the fact that it is one of the newest methods. Nevertheless, many researchers in psychology and criminology have tried to explain the motive behind insurance Fraud.
In their study on Insurance Fraud, Kapardis, and Krambia-Kapardis (2004) state the importance of profiling the offenders. In many insurance companies, the offenders are never prosecuted or made public, a situation that is more likely to enhance the vice. The researcher insinuates that what the employees in the insurance company earn is not enough to meet their socially desired goods and self-esteem (Bolton, & David, 2002). The study also argues that the soft and hard insurance frauds committed by the insurance policyholders are to satisfy certain internal motives.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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