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It is used to test the scientific methods and always based on the previous observations (Turabian, 2007). When a hypothesis becomes working, it is that that has been proposed for further…
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Research Elements
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Research elements al Affiliation) Research hypothesis Aresearch hypothesis is the proposal of the explanations to a scientific research. It is used to test the scientific methods and always based on the previous observations (Turabian, 2007). When a hypothesis becomes working, it is that that has been proposed for further research. Hypothesis is used to bring clear idea and a convenient mathematical approach to calculations. Hypothesis on the research about the impact of group support in workplace would be questions such as how the groups influence personal issues of an individual (Turabian, 2007). It would also hypothesis group activities that relieves the stress in a workplace.
Research theory
Theory in a research involves the explanation about how things are in the research and how they came to be (Whitney, 1950). The theories also brings the common characteristics in a phenomenon. A research theory is mainly based on the observations of a research. Theory of impact of stress in a workplace would be that the management standards of group support in the culture of the organization releases stress in a workplace (Turabian, 2007). The theory would explain how work related stress are effectively managed and controlled through groups.
Differences between the research elements
The two elements of research seems to be similar but the differences can still be brought out (Whitney, 1950). A hypothesis is mainly an answer to a question in a research project which are yet to be tested (Whitney, 1950). A theory generally accepts the outcomes of the research after undergoing testing and bringing out the explanations and observations.
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Whitney, F. (1950). The elements of research (3d ed.). New York: Prentice-Hall Read More
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