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However, through the use of psychotherapy principles, it is very possible to change the behavior. As seen in the work of Markowitz & Weissman (2004), a good relation between a patient and the therapist may be…
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Download file to see previous pages As Markowitz & Weissman (2003) indicates, psychotherapy ensures that change takes place in patients that come to seek for help. However, some patients may always assume that they have no problems in their life yet they are suffering. Persons who have been stalked before undergo stress and a lot of pressure in life. This leads to them requiring help at all costs despite their assumptions. Through psychotherapy, they will ne advised on how to change their lifestyle in a way that will reduce the chances of their being stalked by their friends or even persons who have been sent to do so.
Disorders that would be better to approach within a group setting include eating disorders or even mental disorders. As Dufresne, et al (2006) argue that group therapy individuals share their problems effectively as opposed to individual therapy. In this setting, they feel that they share similarities with other people that are suffering just like them; thus, evaluate themselves more. Individual therapy on the other hand would be useful for personal issues such as masturbation that affects individuals personally. It would be more of dishonor to such a person to ask them to share their problems in the open as the issue touches on their private life. Dufresne, et al (2006) write that through the individual therapy the clients can easily identify their problems hence personal growth and more interpersonal interactions.
The therapeutic orientation that would be the best approach for dealing with persons of a low self esteem would be applying the activation principle. This approach as Shedler (2010) describes, will help the patient initiate more positive actions and thoughts that will propel them to develop positive attitudes that will change their lifestyles. For instance, stubborn and hopeless patients will develop the art of loving themselves and will not take any argument negatively. The patients will also coordinate their activities well as they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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