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Designing an In-Service for Underserved Population about Health Care Resources - Research Paper Example

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Designing an In-Service For Underserved Population about Health Care Resources Insert Customer Name Insert Course Name Insert Tutor Name An in-service that I have decided to design is an education program to the young people about the health care resources provided by the government, state and the local authorities…
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Designing an In-Service for Underserved Population about Health Care Resources
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, a curriculum will be designed to organize what the program will address and various stakeholders as well as concerned parties will be involved. The reason why I have decided to handle the drug and substance abuse topic in this in-service program is that majority of the underserved population lacks knowledge about the health care resources about drug and substance abuse provided by the federal and state governments. Such resources include information about drug and substance abuse, rehabilitation facilities and drugs, information about the law monitoring distribution and sale of drugs and chemical substances and the places where they can go for advice on drug and substance abuse. As a result, these kinds of people are not able to access such services when they need them and therefore they become victims of the drug and substance abuse menace. A very high percentage of the people in this underserved population that I have chosen are affected by the drug and substance abuse menace whether directly or indirectly. I also discovered that among those affected by this menace majority got affected due to lack of necessary and up-to-date information about drugs. I also realized that a good number among these people do not know the health care resources availed for them by various governments. ...
Moreover, it could make them to understand where they can get various services that they need in order to improve their conditions. Several organizations oversee the issues relating to drug and substance abuse in this country. These organizations are either national based, state based or community based. A national organization mandated to oversee the activities designed to hand the drug and substance abuse menace is the National Drug Control Policy. This is the organization that is mandated to design and develop the National Drug Control strategy that entails all the activities designed to handle the drugs menace (McCaffrey, 1998). Moreover, each of the American states has a department in its government mandated with a responsibility to oversees alcohol and drug abuse. A good example of such departments is the Missouri Department of mental Health that is a single state agency responsible for overseeing a statewide network of publicly funded substance abuse, treatment and recovery support services within the state of Missouri (MDMH, 2011). Moreover, there is also the Substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration that is the major federal organization mandated to oversee all the issues of drug and substance abuse throughout the United States. This organization works with other state, community and private organization to improve access to quality substance abuse and mental health services (Niles, 2010). It makes sure that all the necessary facilities are put in place to facilitate the fight against drug and substance abuse and to facilitate promotion of mental health. There is a very big controversy surrounding this area of drug and substance abuse. Most people argue that drug, substance abuse is the use of illegal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Designing an In-Service for Underserved Population about Health Care Research Paper.
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