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. Topic: Role of Forensic Psychology in Child Custody Evaluation - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This field has grown drastically in the recent years. The popularity of this field is because of the books and the television programs in which the heroes…
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Annotated Bibliography. Topic: Role of Forensic Psychology in Child Custody Evaluation
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Extract of sample ". Topic: Role of Forensic Psychology in Child Custody Evaluation"

Download file to see previous pages This can be an ideal career for the students who are interested in implementing the aspects of psychology to law. Some of the functions that are usually performed by a forensic psychologist may include competency evaluation, the evaluation of child’s custody, reoffending risk evaluation and sentencing evaluation (Cherry, 2013).
Swerdlow-Freed in his essay “Preparing For a Child Custody Evaluation” states that the integral part of the divorce may include the determination of where the children will be living and exactly what proportion of time they will be spending with each of their parents. Sometime even in the best circumstances this situation can be emotional and may stimulate intense emotions in each parent and also in their children. In the ideal situation, this decision is made by the divorcing parents, by taking the help or the assistance of their mediator or attorney. When the parents are unable to agree on the custody of their child or where there are allegations of child physical or sexual abuse, parental unfitness, neglect or substances abuse; this decision is hence turned over to the court for final resolve. When there are serious concerns present regarding the capacity of both the parents to properly look after their children; the entire family can be referred for the evaluation of the child’s custody. The reason behind making these referrals is that the court may receive detailed information about the parents as well as the child and may come to the most suitable parental agreement and custody (Swerdlow-Freed, 2013).
Weiner, Freedheim, & Goldstein states that forensic psychology is considered to be an obligation which makes sure that the prospective clients are well aware about their legal rights with respect to the forensic service, the procedure that is going to be employed, the purpose of evaluation and intended consumption of the any of the product of their service. The ethical forensic and principle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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