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J., & Cowan, N. (2014). Differences Between Presentation Methods in Working Memory Procedures: A Matter of Working Memory Consolidation. Journal of ExperimentalPsychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 40(2), 417- 428.
Timothy and Nelson delve into convolutions of…
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Memory Consolidation
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Annotated Bibliography: Memory Consolidation Ricker, T. J., & Cowan, N. . Differences Between Presentation Methods in Working Memory Procedures: A Matter of Working Memory Consolidation. Journal of ExperimentalPsychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 40(2), 417- 428.
Timothy and Nelson delve into convolutions of how much the duration of retention and the presentation method of memory items and the difference it causes on the rate of forgetting. They perform a series of various experiments to determine the effect on duration of retention by both random and sequential presentation on various participants. In the first experiment, hey were expected to remember some characters on standard CRT monitors and attempt to remember them.The result of this experiment indicated that forgetting in simultaneous presentation of memory items is much greater than sequential presentation. In the second experiment, they wanted to determine whether differences in encoding time could account for greater rate of forgetting by altering the sequential conditions from the first experiment by equating the encoding time per character. The result to this experiment showed slightly better performance in sequential conditions than simultaneous ones.In the third experiment, the setting remained the same but unlike the first two experiments; the gap in time between characters was removed. The result indicated that performance was better with simultaneous presentation than with sequential presentation. In the fourth experiment, the setting is reset as the first experiment, but the simultaneous presentation condition is changed such that its presentation method matches the timing of sequential condition. The result here showed that the time for the two conditions was basically the same.
The general finding of this research concurs with previous findings that time-based forgetting occurs as a function of the length of the retention interval. Read More
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