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How does family life differ across cultures - Essay Example

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This is because it has been seen that people associate with one another distinctively and hence segregation comes in quite uniquely. Family life is after all a blessing which is viewed in a number…
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How does family life differ across cultures
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Download file to see previous pages The cultural angle has also been detailed which shall be explained within varied perspectives in this paper. Culture usually plays its due role because it pinpoints how people shall connect to their near and dear ones, and how they must gel together to form a single unit.
According to the first perspective, how family life is in essence is a direct result of how people believe in their own respective clans. This viewpoint bases its opinion on family members staying together at all times and hence doing all that they can for one another. Some of the more backward areas of the world believe in such a perspective because they do not have the resources to explore new pathways and hence stick to their families. Especially so, within Asian countries, and more specifically within India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, the families are tied as one unit and the belief is such that they would live with one another as long as they are alive (Marcia, 2013). This focuses attention on the tangent of marriages between cousins, joint families and elders living alongside the couples. Even though this calls for spacing measures as such but emphasis is on being tied as a single unit, and that too for good measure. Perhaps it is cultural system that ties the family together and makes it a cohesive one.
Another stance surrounds the fact that families are asked to live separately from one another. The family members explore options since these are available to them. They would go to any lengths to make sure that their educational and professional plans are met even at the expense of the family members going abroad or long distances to make that happen. These types of families are usually present in the West where the young ones are allowed to sway from their main family unit and explore new options as they wish. This is because the culture is such that the families ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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