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While terrorism is simply defined as the systematic use of violence and kidnapping as instruments of coercion and perpetration of fear, in order to achieve religious, ideological and political goals, terrorism mainly targets and disregards the safety of civilians. It is also…
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Domestic Terrorism vs. International Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, international terrorism involves individuals or groups whose terrorist activities surpass national boundaries.
Both domestic and international terrorism pose serious threat to the US. While a casual observer will readily point that domestic terrorism is more lethal because of its immediate proximity to the US population and government, a critical consideration of the matter reveals that international terrorism is equally ruthless since it targets US interests, allies and government (Huddy and Feldman, 2011).
The insistence on domestic terrorism as a more formidable threat is premised on the wrong assumption that the US government is confined to the United States frontiers, while the truth of the matter is that the executive arm of the US government extends to ally states, chiefly inform of embassies, consulates and commercial attaches. Besides, courtesy of globalisation, the US population and interests are spread out globally, even as international terrorism targets US interests, allies and population.
A forensic psychology professional would define terrorism as the use of violence or force on civilian population or property, to instill fear, in order to gain the perpetrator with symbolic or psychological gain. The aspect of psychological gain in this case is brought about by political, religious or ideological persuasions being deeply embedded into the perpetrator’s psyche.
The role of the forensic psychology professional in fighting terrorism is very pervasive and important because terrorism and the response towards it begin with human psychology. Psychology professionals will for instance direct government officials in striking the balance between disseminating information on terrorism-related threats to the public and avoiding the threat of compromising national security. It is against this backdrop that the FBI Academy, the American Psychological Association (APA) and the University of Pennsylvania’s Solomon Asch ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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