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Hypothesis: When a high casualty attack is made by a terrorist group, the smaller terrorist organizations from within their alliance or domestic groups will become more active, vocal or organized (perhaps all) - Research Paper Example

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Over the past decade, following the September 11 attacks on the world trade center in the United States of America, various governments stepped up their security measures in a bid to cub any threats that may have followed the acts of terrorism in the united states. The measures…
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Hypothesis: When a high casualty attack is made by a terrorist group, the smaller terrorist organizations from within their alliance or domestic groups will become more active, vocal or organized (perhaps all)
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Extract of sample "Hypothesis: When a high casualty attack is made by a terrorist group, the smaller terrorist organizations from within their alliance or domestic groups will become more active, vocal or organized (perhaps all)"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from the reasons of getting into terrorism, it is necessary that people and agencies in charge of national security and anti-terrorism put measures that can enable them to get more information before attacks are executed by these terrorists.
Various hypotheses have been put forward in an attempt to study and try to understand terrorists. Some of them have been successful and valid while other have been totally far-fetched. In this research proposal document, we take a look into the various terrorist attacks that have occurred over the years and try to see which patterns we can make out from them that can be useful in trying to minimize such attacks in the future.
This is one of the many hypotheses to be formulated over the years on the study of terrorists and terrorist attacks. It is not always the case that when a terrorist attack happens, especially a high casualty attack, that terrorist groups will re-group and become more organized. Governments have failed to protect citizens from such acts of violence such as terrorism over the years. As a result very many people have been killed and some have even opted to move away from the ‘hot targets’ like the united states of America.
A look at the kinds of crimes committed by international terrorist groups and those by domestic terrorist groups indicate that there is a difference in these types of terrorism statistically. The international terrorist groups are the jihad groups. They engage in bombings of massive fatalities like that of the world trade center. On the other hand, domestic terrorists are mainly right-wing groups who engage in car thefts and bombings. Nonetheless, terrorist groups like Al Qaeda influence and motivate small domestic groups into engaging in more criminal activities whenever successful terrorists’ attacks are executed by the Jihad Group. Among the activities the small groups start engaging in as a result of the motivation are fire arm sales, acquisition of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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