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Part one - Assignment Example

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Fancher considers the contradictions between his disdain for it on the one hand, and his use of it in the early part of his work on heredity. The article basically posits that there are contradictions between the…
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Assignment part one
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Download file to see previous pages The book contains a biography of Francis Galton. It also discusses in the main the development of Galton’s thinking and theorizing relating to biometry and heredity. It is partly biography and partly a discussion of the work of Galton relative to the disciplines (Bulmer, 2003).
The article posits that the traits and characteristics of individuals are born out of heredity, where those individuals inherit their characteristics from their parents. Similarly, Galton makes the case for so-called mental qualities or intelligence. He refers to intelligence as talent and character, which can be traced to heredity (Galton, 1865).
The article evaluates Fancher’s look at the ethnography of Galton, and makes observations about how much emphasis Fancher has given to the merits of Galton’s scientific work on the matter. The article makes several observations relating to Fancher’s use of the biography of Galton to explain the roots of his disdain towards other races in Africa, among others (Tredoux, 2004).
The writer looks at the literary merits of the work of Galton. Fancher makes the conclusion that though the content is objectionable in parts, Galton’s contributions to making ideas popular through his writing are real, and worth commending. Within he criticizes some of Galtons prescriptions, including those against the over-creation of new scientific terms, which Fancher deems as essential to new science writing (Fancher, n.d.).
The impact of the work of Sir Francis Galton is said to be wide-ranging and profound, extending from eugenics and human genetics, of which he is recognized as one of the foremost pioneers, to travel writing and exploration, meteorology and the anticyclone, statistical formulations relating to correlation and regression, and biometrics. In the biometrics field he is recognized as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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