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The author states that some of the things that occur in the lives of many people often end up shaping who they become. This is the surface meaning of the term successful failure. This occurs when a failure is turned into something one can use to his/her advantage…
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Advantage of the Powerful Weakness
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Getting to lead the youth in the church, in some of the activities, was an honor. However, problems came as a result of failure to understand many of the peers in the group. In the book, by Dr. Allender, Leading with a Limp, there is the talk of how leaders do not rise to power in spite of their weaknesses; rather they rise because of their weaknesses (Allender, 2008).
This gave inspiration to group members. The thought of getting to understand people made it easier to relate to them. Adopting a positive attitude through all that increased the chances of finding favor among peers and the elders around the church. This response was welcome from all quarters, and people appreciated the effort to lead through the identified weakness.
In conclusion, the lesson learned is that whatever thing one might think will pull them down, it is wise to try it out first (Allender, 2008). If one fails, it means they know of one way of how not to do something. After all, if nobody makes a mistake, it means they have never tried anything new. Read More
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Advantage of the Powerful Weakness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 319 Words.
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