Psychosocial Issues in Huntingtons Disease - Essay Example

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The author of this essay under the title "Psychosocial Issues in Huntington's Disease" touches upon the disease which was diagnosed by George Huntington. According to the present text, this psychological disease was discovered as a genetic disorder. …
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Psychosocial Issues in Huntingtons Disease
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There is a frequent occurrence of depression and personality change. It leads to a number of mental illnesses as well.
It becomes difficult for families with such patients. It becomes a real difficult situation as handling such people becomes very difficult for family members. People with such issues start losing faith in their own self and thus it also becomes very problematic for their families to help them (Dunnett, 2007).
The dependence of the patient increases and this also becomes very difficult to manage for the families. The mental and physical dependence increases with time as the disease progresses and this becomes unmanageable for the families as the deteriorating health of the patient along with the increase in mental invalidity takes its toll on the family and this causes an increase in conflicts and depression among the family members themselves (Dunnett, 2007). 
The person who is suffering from the disease feels that he is not liked by people and thus he will start avoiding people around him at first as he avoids his own family members but then he starts thinking of himself as socially unacceptable as well and thus starts quitting his habits and activities that connect him with people and end up becoming a social recluse or a hermit (Dunnett, 2007).  Read More
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