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Risk-Taking Behavior Among Adolescents - Assignment Example

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Making mistakes and taking these risks is all a part of their way to go through adolescence and learning right from wrong. Much of the influence to take part in risk taking behaviors…
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Risk-Taking Behavior Among Adolescents
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"Risk-Taking Behavior Among Adolescents"

Download file to see previous pages Teenagers instead react impulsively, doing what they want when they want (Nicholson, 2010).
One type of risk taking behavior is taking part in sexual activity at a young age. Acting sexually is a form of trying to take on adulthood and independence at an earlier age. Not all adolescents take part in experiencing sex at a young age. However, pressure often results from peers and even from the media. It is a way for a teenager to feel “cool.” They often are influenced by their significant other and pressured into sex before they are ready. Parents are talking to their children at earlier ages about contraception and helping offer solutions. To lessen the harshness, teens and their families should look at other ways to fit in or show love to a partner. They should also look at statistics of teenage sex and teenage pregnancy. Sex does not always result in pregnancy and teens could use protection.
Another risk taken by teenagers is using alcohol or drugs. Typically, the influence of using substances stems from peers. Again, drinking among teens is often glamorized in television and movies. Several workshops and seminars work with kids to help them understand the risks using shock value. The reality of it is that most teens have the “it wont happen to me,” mentality. The best way to combat teenage drinking is to take on the role of a parent, educator or informed friend and to discuss it, share information and coach. Mothers Against Drunk Driving say that as a parent to a teenager, they should keep track of their teens and determine a level of respect. Rules should be agreed upon. Teens should also be shown respect and a sense of caring and parents should be role models (MADD, 2012).
MADD. (2012). Parents of teens: steps to take at home. Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Retrieved on April 18, 2012, from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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