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A Psychopathological Analysis Of Patients With Depression - Essay Example

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The paper "A Psychopathological Analysis Of Patients With Depression" discusses the main depressive symptoms, that must be present for at least 2 weeks to put this diagnosis. It also gives information about the patients suffering from clinical depression…
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A Psychopathological Analysis Of Patients With Depression
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"A Psychopathological Analysis Of Patients With Depression"

Download file to see previous pages Depression itself can manifest in a variety of pathologies that inform attempts to define the condition. It can refer to a dysphoric mood, a true clinical disorder, in addition to a spectrum of other symptoms.
Individually, the manifestations of depression can readily appear in a variety of medical contexts, and an individual case of sleep irregularity, fatigue, or loss of appetite may not in and of itself warrant psychiatric intervention. Cardiac diseases, such as congestive heart failure could produce certain depressive symptoms. (Brosse, 2002)
Browse, in addition to the DSM-IV, describes a series of five symptoms that must be present for at least 2 weeks, and each must coexist within the same 2 week period. Furthermore, clinical distress must exist that impairs social behavior, occupation (or education in the case of Isabella). The symptoms should not be directly attributable to a specific habit of substance abuse or prescription drug medication. There must not be an identifiable medical condition that replicates enough of these symptoms so that five cannot be attributed to the patient's psychological state alone. While the symptoms must coincide for at least 2 weeks, the total duration of the crisis must persist for longer than 2 months. The specific symptoms are as follows:
These criteria are essentially the same as the standards arrived at independently by various other psychiatric professional organizations. Specifically the International Classification of Diseases, (WHO, 1992) and Research Diagnostic Criteria. (Spitzer et al. 1978)
In accordance with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (APA, 2000) An assessment of the overall functionality of the patient, Isabella should range between 50 to 41 on the GAF scale. This is a judgment based on the degree of interference her symptoms exert in terms of her social and academic pursuits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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