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This paper "The Role of Memories in a Human’s Life" focuses on the fact that memories are inescapable whether they are good or bad, whether we like it or not. Probably the most memorable circumstances for people of any age, class, race or gender; are those which are joyful…
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The Role of Memories in a Humans Life
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 I have a lot of lessons to learn from this experience which until now is one of my greatest questions I always throw to God.

Years ago, when I was still in high school, I was awakened one morning by the voice of my father. He was talking and crying so bitterly I thought I must have been dreaming. I closed my eyes, thinking that when I opened them again, things will change. Sadly, it was not a dream at all. My father was telling my mother that my favourite cousin, Wesal died. I lay in my bed, numb. I did not seem to be able to move. It was unthinkable. My cousin is very young and she was among my best friends. I was very close to her because she was a good person. She was so sweet, always smiling and ready to encourage other people to face the difficulties of life even though she was suffering, herself. I admired her strength because I knew just how she was living as a married young woman. She was forcedly married to her cousin at a very young age. She did not love the man but because of our culture, she had no choice but to follow her parent’s desires. Nevertheless, Wesal suffered a lot in the hands of her husband. I was one of her confidants. She told me what was happening between her and her husband. She cannot divorce her husband because it is taboo for women to do so. Still, she always finds a way to hide her troubles and show that she could manage.

When Wesal got pregnant, she was not treated any better. Her difficulties seemed to become more and more severe. After giving birth to a young boy, she suddenly got sick. It shocked most of us when the doctors found out that she was suffering from cancer. She was too young. I visited her lot during that time and I was happy that she was always smiling. I did not know then that she was just trying to show how happy she was when in fact, deep inside, she was grieving and suffering. Before she died, I rejoiced when she told me she was feeling a lot better as opposed to other days when the pain she felt just made her unable to wake up or eat. She became so weak and fragile. I never thought that that would be the last day I will talk with her. She suddenly died when life seemed to have not begun yet. She did not even live to at least a time in her son’s life that he would remember a loving and caring mother. She left no memories to her only child and he would have to live by what we tell him about his mother. Every time I see the child, I remember Wesal. His voice and laughter always remind me of a dear friend who will always be etched in our memories. In fact, in memory of her, my sister named her daughter Wesal, who was born two months after our cousin died.  Read More
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