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Beauty Treatment: Pretty Powerful by S. Henrich - Article Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that he doesn’t agree that all people are equally mesmerized by the sight of a sexy hottie, be it a man or a woman. The author believes that different people have different sexual aspirations…
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Beauty Treatment: Pretty Powerful by S. Henrich
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Extract of sample "Beauty Treatment: Pretty Powerful by S. Henrich"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that all over the world, the population of girls is rapidly increasing whereas boys are not equal in number. This can particularly be witnessed in Asian and Arab countries where polygamy is a trend as well as a religious norm because if it does not happen, a lot of women are left unmarried. Again, the effect of the image of an attractive woman upon a man depends upon the level to which he is sexually aroused by her. He may not at all be aroused, he may slightly be aroused and he may be passionate about the woman. Even the most passionate men do not necessarily make pro-war statements. Viewing such an image and making pro-war statements are two entirely unrelated variables. If some research found this trend, there must be quite a lot of confounding variables that would have been overlooked. I am not sure to what extent is the statement that the health of an individual increase his/her likelihood to be returned the money or favor is true or false, though it might be so. The health of an individual may impress others, though its impact upon the individual’s likelihood of getting repaid seems odd. Nevertheless, I have personally witnessed that people tend to do unnecessary favors to women. Women are generally quite nice and polite in their mannerism. Maybe this is the reason why men like doing them a favor. Besides, this tendency of men may also have its origin in sexuality. Whatever the cause, I have witnessed several cases in my life in which I saw men doing favors to the women. This can also, in part, be attributed to the societal norm that women are to be respected. Since they belong to the weaker gender, a lot of men feel obliged to help them out when they are in trouble. However, this is a fact that good-looking people are generally liked by public and people tend to be flexible towards them in all aspects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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