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The paper "Making Decisions" highlights that a way to ensure that we have looked at a situation from every possible angle is to get more people involved in the thinking process. A group of six to eight people can be gathered to learn the opinions of others regarding the situation. …
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Making Decisions
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A way to keep things in perspective is not to make quick decisions based on emotional impulses. In order to prevent emotions and biases to interfere with the decision making the process, a person can create a safe haven by involving others in the decision. Managers can use the input of their employees in order to gain different points of view on the situation.
I utilize critical thinking all the time when making decisions. A few months ago I had to make a buying decision concerning a new laptop. I had a fixed budget of $1000. Prior to buying the computer, I analyzed the situation and I performed research on different laptop computer models at my price point. I perform critical thinking throughout this buying process. Eventually, I found a computer that satisfied my needs and my budget constraint.
Thinking outside the box involves generating ideas and finding solutions to problems in unusual places. For example, a company that has done business domestically for 50 years, suddenly its manager thinks outside the box and introduces international expansion as a potential solution to achieve the desired sales growth. A person that thinks outside the box is open to possibilities others do not consider.
A critical thinking technique that I utilized when making decisions is to put myself in the place of others and analyze what others would think of the decision. This technique helps me envision the different perspective that stakeholders would have and what the opinions of others might be regarding the different alternatives. Read More
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Making Decisions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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