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Psychology Issues in Patient Treatment - Essay Example

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An author of the following essay will explore several issues related to the patient treatment in psychology. The considered problems are drug advertisement, patient suicide, treatment demands, abortion, and other common issues arising in the healthcare…
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Psychology Issues in Patient Treatment
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Download file to see previous pages By all means direct to consumer advertising takes on non –drug ads like that of stopping smoking and losing weight since these are cost effective, secure and helpful. “The most widely discussed have been the massive DTC campaigns waged by the manufacturers of the Cox-2 inhibitors. Importantly, these drugs were never proved to be more effective pain relievers than many drugs available over-the-counter. For most patients the purported stomach protection offered by these drugs (a claim that that the FDA permitted only for Vioxx, but through industry promotional efforts came to be associated with the other Cox-2 inhibitors as well) was irrelevant as those patients tolerated conventional pain relievers without stomach upset.” (Lurie).
DTC ads are an effort to change patients into the negotiators of pharmaceutical industries because since it leads the patients to force doctors to prescribe for the medicines which may not be required for them. It has also been argued that these ads encourage in wrong use of drugs and increases the money spending attitude of drugs and there are also problems related to drug safety. There is need to place restrictions on such ads because it plays an active role in enhancing the demand for treatment drugs. Since these ads also offer predisposed information and sentimental appeal that market these drugs more compared to other fit substitutes.
Yes, Physicians Should allowed assisting in Patient Suicide in certain circumstances. If the patient is suffering the ache and distress in his end of the life the probability to consider the suicide is very high, this is mainly because the patient is undergoing not simply the bodily pain but also the he faced a mental trouble too. The function of general practitioners in assisting their incurably sick patients expire is a disputed question. While most people don’t contest voluntary passive euthanasia, physicians taking an active role in helping their patients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychology Issues in Patient Treatment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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