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The essay 'The Concept of Intelligence' presents the concept of intelligence testing which is something that evolved thousands of years ago. It was in early 1900 that a French psychiatrist Alfred Binet was asked by the French government to find out that which students faced difficulty at school…
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The Concept of Intelligence
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It is not accurate because it covers only certain areas of intelligence and not everything. A person attaining a low score in an IQ test does not show that he/she is less intelligent because they can be good at other things such as interpersonal communication (Sdorow & Rickabaugh, 2005).
Thus the IQ test is only suitable for those people who are good at academic subjects. Moreover, these test results can get affected by things such as not eating breakfast or lack of sleep before the test.
The reliability of a process is the consistency of the scores that occurs over and over again. In order to enhance this in any process, one has to decrease the number of variables in consideration. The intelligence test is an example of reliability but not validity. Validity is the extent to which the process is accurate. Intelligence tests can give different results and they are not 100% accurate. They lack the evidence by which their validity can be proved. Example of reliability is a bathroom scale which each time tells you your weight or the school tests held for the promotion or graduation of a student whereas for a test to be valid it should fulfill the evidence of content, criterion and construct for its validity. Read More
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The Concept of Intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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