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Consumer Psychology - the role of music in advertising - Essay Example

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The paper is going to discuss the role of music in advertising and marketing communications, as the man wants to consume by eyes at first - then by ears. …
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Consumer Psychology - the role of music in advertising
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Download file to see previous pages Hence the role of music in breaking the clutter is a stark reality and has played to good effect within the field of advertising in the time and age of today as well as in the yesteryears. It is a fact that a pleasant-sounding and catchy music tune asserts that a brand has the right feel and connection with its audiences. It remains synonymous with the audience’s wishes and desires that they have of the product, being close to their heart, which ultimately builds feelings of association with the brand itself. Similarly, these music tangents construct a very unyielding and heart-warming linkage with the audience and therefore the relationship becomes stronger when it comes to the implied users of the said brand (Gibson 2002). In essence, the role of music in advertising is indeed quintessential towards the audience who want to have a feel of the aura surrounding the product before they go out there and buy it for their own selves. Within the field of advertising, music has a very significant place. A question that needs proper answer lies in the fact that whether or not advertising with music could be a viable option which would indeed pour in profits. This is something which must be comprehended in a proper manner with the assistance of a number of factors, all of which entail the psychological tangents related with the target audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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