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Eros and the Quest for Wholeness by Raj Mansukhani - Essay Example

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The paper “Eros and the Quest for Wholeness by Raj Mansukhani” proves speech reveals one amazing information about the human being; that every individual is split into two different beings. Half is masculine and half is feminine. He further said that at birth men and women have these two traits…
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Eros and the Quest for Wholeness by Raj Mansukhani
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Extract of sample "Eros and the Quest for Wholeness by Raj Mansukhani"

Download file to see previous pages As we grow older we learn how to identify which is for men and which is for women. We begin to identify certain traits that belong to our gender. The opposite sex becomes completely hidden from us.
Simply put, when a man falls in love with a woman he is actually having a relationship with his own feminine side. In this case, when a man falls in love with a woman, the feminine trait inside him wants to know through others. According to him, “the real object of romantic love is not so much of other but yourself.”
Since romantic love is somewhat mysterious in the sense that there are “hidden” traits about it, it cannot be a reliable basis for marriage. On the other hand, it can be an avenue for self-knowledge, where the end should be wholeness. However, failure to attain wholeness will be a disaster.
I find this topic both interesting and alarming. It is interesting because it deals with some aspects of romantic love that I do not know before. I used to think that romantic love is that thrilling stage of first love or the beginnings of mature love. I thought this is the feeling when one can say that he or she is ready to get involved in a boy-girl relationship. The revelations I learned from the speaker are valuable. They make me realize that it is inherent in humans to love one's self first before learning to love others.
On the other hand, I find these ideas alarming. I feel a little disturbed because what I thought to be a harmless, light topic can be this serious. I used to think that marriage usually begins with romantic love and that to stay in the marriage is to maintain that fire. I also begin to be aware that if it is really true that all of us have the feminine and the masculine side then all of us have the tendency to become homosexuals.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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