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The paper 'The Margin to Make People Remember Things' presents the quite interesting learning so many new ideas for the first time, which the author tried to keep in mind and make use of it later. For example, he/she greatly benefited from the knowledge of skim reading…
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The Margin to Make People Remember Things
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Other learning skills such as associating different patterns with physical objects, or filling in information from texts and handouts and constantly discussing the topic with colleagues had never occurred to me before and which made learning for me a tedious job. This new way of learning helps me not only to store matter well in my mind but also to recall the matter easily. I think condensing techniques are useful tools that facilitate memorization because when I think of the way I used to try and memorize things, makes me wonder why I never employed these techniques before; because now I find memorizing much easier. Another helpful tool I picked up, was fitting in new matter into the old concepts and reviewing them from time to time. I found this to be exceptionally useful because it helped me to revise a matter that I had deviously learned and it made memorization easier task.
Note-taking was a familiar task that I made use during lectures, but the manner in which I used to handle it was a bit monotonous. I came to know that one of the primary goals of note-taking is the gathering of relevant information which could be used for after-class study and organization of one's thoughts. Learning the right technique helped me to jot down notes in a comprehensive manner, which in turn increased my speed and pace. I also learned to take full advantage of the optimal memory curve, by labeling in the margins, using a different color and style. Creating important charts involving visual, auditory and intellectual capacities, in addition to making use of headings, labeling, indenting, and other details have gone a long way in helping me to memorize and recall as well. Read More
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(The Margin to Make People Remember Things Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 449 Words)
The Margin to Make People Remember Things Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 449 Words.
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