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IIn the paper “Ryanair Staff Motivation and Treatment Problems” the author analyzes motivation structure of Ryanair, providing the employees with monetary reward like bonus at the end of the year. The author states that the use of non-monetary rewards is more effective than the use of monetary rewards. …
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Ryanair Staff motivation and treatment problems
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Download file to see previous pages Being a supervisor at Ryanair for eight years, I motivate employees using word of encouragement. I am a leader with positive outlook in life and train them to be a leader in their own ways by helping them unfold and improve their talents. I believe somehow that side of my personality motivate my team members in learning something new.
Q.2 'A satisfied employee is a better employee', to what extend do you agree with this saying?
This statement is absolutely true. I have seen how satisfied and motivated employees work and compared to those individuals who are unsatisfied and unmotivated. Satisfied employees really perform better than unsatisfied employees.
Q.3 At Ryanair are monetary rewards (e.g. pay rise) or non-monetary (e.g. company phone, flexible hours, etc.) given to employees? Which one do you find more effective?
Both types of rewards are used at Ryanair. I find the use of non-monetary reward to be more effective than using monetary reward.
Q.4 Does Ryanair follow reward systems? If yes, what reward cultures are used at Ryanair to motivate staff?
In line with reward systems, most managers at the company coordinate with the HR and Finance department to promote the use monetary rewards to increase the company’s sales performance.
Q.5 Are employees able to join unions without any difficulties? Do you feel that Ryanair is better at dealing with employees’ problems by itself rather than involving unions?
Employees at Ryanair could easily participate in labour unions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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